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[x]Name: Herbie Verstinx
[x]age: 14
[x]hometown: Tuna Tow
[x]style: dirty clothes, ripped jeans, flower prints, dirty greasy hair

[x]Movie(s)? scoobie doo
[x]Celebrity(s)? bob marley
[x]Band(s)? rubber bands, hair bands
[x]Tv program(s)? laugh-in
[x]Oufit? infit
[x]Decade? and why? the 1960's. free love, man. groovy. far out.

[x]What's your most outragous or unique piece of clothing? c*ck ring
[x]Piercings? 19
[x]Tattoos? What and where? your name on my ass crack
[x]Whats the natural color of your hair? and what is it curently if a change? it's groovy blonde, babe.
[x]If a syncronized swimmer drowned would the others on the team have to drown too? no, what are you, stupid?
[x]Tell us something about yourself. i'm cool, jammin.
[x]Why should you be in this community? cause i'm a hippie. i like the illegal drugs and smelling like dirt.
[x]If you were granted one wish would would it be? i wish bob marley was still alive.

-Let's have some opinions-
[x]Gay Marriage: sure
[x]War: what is it good for? absolutley nothing, uh. say it again!
[x]Drugs: i'm a hippie...lol, duh!!#@!!!!
And finally, Looks: (post at least 3 clear pictures of your face)

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title or description

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