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*flower child*

[x]Name: Kaitlyn
[x]age: 14
[x]hometown: Apex NC
[x]What's your style: I alternate on how i feel.. most of the time I wear band shirts.

The Breakfast club, jay and silent bob strikes back, mystic river, Edward Sissorhands, and forest gump

[x]Celebrity(s)? I would have to say.. steve-o from wildboyz and jackass
The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles. ect.. mostly all classic rock
[x]Tv program(s)? viva la bam, wildboyz, MAD tv, South Park, and reno 911, mostly everything on vh1
[x]Oufit? Jim Morrison , american poet shirt, american eagle jeans, and gray converses
[x]Decade? and why? 60s of corse.. because thats when most of my favorite bands came out

[x]What's your most outragous or unique piece of clothing? my jim morrison shoes!
[x]Piercings? just my ears
[x]Tattoos? What and where?
no.. i wish..but if i had one it would be on my ankle.

[x]Whats the natural color of your hair? and what is it curently if a change? brunette...ive never colored it...i dont see a need to.
[x]If a syncronized swimmer drowned would the others on the team have to drown too? no one sane would be a syncronized swimmer. So i guess so.
[x]Tell us something about yourself. I am the hippy in my school. <-- pretty much the only one. so sad.
[x]Why should you be in this community? I am active and think i would bring something special to it.
[x]If you were granted one wish would would it be? To meet jim morrison.

-Let's have some opinions-
[x]Gay Marriage: im not gay.. but i support it.. love is love.
[x]Abortion: pro some situations... like if someone was raped and it would be a huge risk to their health.. i understand.  But if its just because you were to stupid to use a condom..than suffer the consiquences.
[x]War: I hate the fact of war.. but i understand why... we have to fight for peace.. but i dont really see the point.. all we can do is pray for peace and the troops to come back home.
[x]Drugs: i have to say.. im not against it,  i see nothing wrong in experimenting!
And finally, Looks: (post at least 3 clear pictures of your face)

me wearing my awsome eric clapton shirt.

me and my two little brothers.. just wanted to show you my jim morrison shirt.

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