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flower child!

[x]Name: Margot
[x]age: 18
[x]hometown: from north carolina but going to school in chicago!
[x]What's your style: ummm..."punky hippie indie"? i dunno. i just wear what i find on the floor closest to my bed...usually jeans, birks, lotsa bracelets, jean jacket, hoodie

Morvern Callar, Quadrophenia, Better Off Dead, Memento, Fight Club, Almost Famous, XMen, Donnie Darko,
aw that's a silly question! mmmm i think jude law and patrick fugit and jake gyllenhaal and scarlett johannson and mindy smith are all yummy to look at. But my *fave* "celeb" is Ani DiFranco.
oh please dont make me pick favorites...right now i'm way into Ani difranco, damien rice, howie day, le tigre, julie ruin, kmfdm, the dead, radiohead, the killers, the sounds, cat power, tori amos, easy star allstars, marley, the ramones, pink floyd, mazzy star, modest mouse, the shins, etc....
[x]Tv program(s)?
honestly i don't really like TV very much
hmmm...i guess i like to wear my jeans and my hole-y sneaks with my pirate dress and ramones tee and belt and my jacket and my silly fingerless mittens...
and why? oh i like the 60's...lately i've been into all these books about Haight-Ashbury and Greenwich and Hell's Angels and all sorts of protests and such...and i just want to be there so bad. that's where i belong. sexual freedom, communal living, rebelling....sounds like heaven.

[x]What's your most outragous or unique piece of clothing?
oh man this UChicago (my school!) class of 1985 shirt that i found at a thrift store in NC and chopped up and made into a halter with these ties in the back and fringiness and dude it's so hot.
three in each ear, one in the lip, one more to come soon...??
[x]Tattoos? What and where?
none yet. i haven't decided. i either want to get a plain star somewhere, or get a bracelet inked on me.
[x]Whats the natural color of your hair? and what is it curently if a change?
naturally light brown, now it's dark reddish brown i guess, or it was before i got dreadsy and stopped dying it and it started growing out...i wanna dye some of my dreads purple.
[x]If a syncronized swimmer drowned would the others on the team have to drown too?
they wouldn't let her drown!
[x]Tell us something about yourself.
once i dated a homeless guy for like two months.
[x]Why should you be in this community?
i think dirty hippies like me are oh so sexy and i eeeeeven have a bit of a dreads fetish (shhh dont tell!)
[x]If you were granted one wish would would it be?
never to have to settle down and be a respectable member of society...

-Let's have some opinions-
[x]Gay Marriage:
marriage is a right, and a way to express love and commitment, and that shouldn't be taken away from anyone, no matter what their sexual preference is. besides, really do we need to define sexuality at all? all you do is rule things out...
my body, my choice.
I'm completely anti-war. no matter what. especially in cases where we're going in and imposing our ideology and values on other societies...whoses job is it to judge?
some of the harder stuff scares me, all i've personally actually done is pot, but i have a friend who wants to eat shrooms with me, and i'm way intrigued. acid too, maybe. but basically the "war on drugs" is bullshit, it's a waste of time and money and energy and resources... and private life is our own business. maybe there are some drugs that should be illegal, i'm pretty sure there are, but this focus on harmless recreational drugs is ridiculous compared to all the other problems out there. also, mind alteration is fun. :)

And finally, Looks: (post at least 3 clear pictures of your face)

(im on the left)

this last one looks the most like me right now, i dunno, i change a lot.

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