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hippie_is_sex's Journal

'Scuse me while I kiss the sky
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This is an a community to show off your vanity, Share fashion and makeup tips, and to share the hippie love:)To be accepted we are based on Personality, Looks,and Opionons. Wonder if you have what it takes?

Rules For Applicants
*First 9 members will be automatically accepted
*If your not accepted dont send a mafia after us, try agian, second times a charm;)
*Dont comment until you are accepted
*Put flower child in the subject if your applying
*Use spell check because sometimes it's hard to understand some people
*Both mods must have voted
*DO NOT post another entry until you have been accepted and stamped. If you do, you will be automaticly rejected.
*MUST follow the rules! If you do not, you will be rejected no matter how many yes comments you got.
*If you do get rejected, remember to try again!

Rules For Accepted Memebers
*Use a lj cut if you are posting more then two pictures
*put stamped, accepted or anything else in the subject line that lets us know your a memeber 'cause it can get confusing
*Let us know if your going to be gone for awhile, have a new username or anything else that we should know about so we know you didnt die in a bowl of jello or anything.
*text only posts suck so try to make as many picture posts as possible, but if you got something to say without any pictures that is A-OK too.
*vote! we need at least 4-6 votes to see if a person is accepted or not
*if you reply 'undecided', you have 5 days TO decide yes or no or your vote will be ignored.

[x]What's your style:

[x]Tv program(s)?
[x]Decade? and why?

[x]What's your most outragous or unique piece of clothing?
[x]Tattoos? What and where?
[x]Whats the natural color of your hair? and what is it curently if a change?
[x]If a syncronized swimmer drowned would the others on the team have to drown too?
[x]Tell us something about yourself.
[x]Why should you be in this community?
[x]If you were granted one wish would would it be?

-Let's have some opinions-
[x]Gay Marriage:
And finally, Looks: (post at least 3 clear pictures of your face)