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flower child

[x]Name: Pidge
[x]age: 18
[x]hometown: London, England.. but now residing in Aberystwyth, Wales. Which is about as different from London town as you can get.
[x]What's your style: I don't have many clothes (what I describe here is bascially my entire wardrobe) they're all thrift bought or my friends stole them for me (don't ask.. hehe): jumpers, tie-dye tops, long skirts, my lovely old boots, jeans sewed up in about five different places, scarves that I made, knitted hats, lots of big rings, a big turquoise pendant, an eyebrow piercing. I never wear make-up and I've never worn a bra in my life.

[x]Movie(s)? I like tonnes of movies, too many to think of. I really love Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films, they are absolutely the funnest films to watch. Last night I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was a very good, very effective film.. deeply unsettling. There were parts that brought me to tears.
[x]Celebrity(s)? I can't really think of any current celebrities I admire.. unless you count.. the Dalai Lama. I love John Lennon. I also love Bjork.
[x]Band(s)? the White Stripes rule. There are plenty of bands I like but that is the only current one I really like.
[x]Tv program(s)? Don't have a TV.
[x]Oufit? Naked with my big turquoise pendant.
[x]Decade? and why? the late 60s, of course. Because there was such a vitality and an optimism and freedom in the air. It really was a time of great spiritual and sexual energy.

[x]What's your most outragous or unique piece of clothing? I don't know really... my jeans are pretty unique, I have sewn them in various ways.. they are all patched up. My green shoess covered in writing and pictures I drew are pretty strange.
[x]Piercings? I have an eyebrow piercing, and seven ear piercings which I did myself.
[x]Tattoos? What and where? Nope.
[x]Whats the natural color of your hair? and what is it curently if a change? The natural colour of my hair is reddish-goldish-copperish strawberry kinda colour. It currently is that colour. Though in the past is has been green and purple.
[x]If a syncronized swimmer drowned would the others on the team have to drown too? Yes. Yes they would. Dammit.
[x]Tell us something about yourself. I study Buddhism.
[x]Why should you be in this community? Because.. I'm a hippie? Well, you decide anyway! Because I'm nice? hehe. I don't know if I'm pretty or stylish but to fuckery with it if I'm not. I'm just doing this to pass some time.
[x]If you were granted one wish would would it be? An end to all conflict in the world. It's cliche but who wouldn't wish for that?

-Let's have some opinions-
[x]Gay Marriage: Marriage is only a socio-economic construct and it wouldn't matter to me personally if I was married in the eyes of the state or not, but I do believe that it is wrong in principal for only heterosexual couples to be allowed to marry. That is descrimination.
[x]Abortion: If you wanted me to write you an essay I could, but it's really a complex issue and I could not succinctly state my opinion on it without going into huge lengthy consideration of it. In other words I'm not ready to have a solid stance on this.
[x]War: huh yeah, what is it good for, absolutely NOTHING.
[x]Drugs: It depends what we're talking here. Marijuana is a fabulous thing of course, pyschedelics are a great experience and I've had some beautiful experiences on them, but harder, addictive drugs like crack and heroin I would not be so quick to say 'legalise'. Drugs that don't fuck you up for life are your friends. All things in moderation.
And finally, Looks: (post at least 3 clear pictures of your face)

~And now for some some not-very-flattering pictures !!

Me being a mong.

Here's a big one. Ignore the bloke.

back when I had crapper hair and no eyebrow piercing..

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